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The GUITAR-ACCELERATOR Video Course Reveals

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Video 1:
Is Your Guitar in Top Shape?

Must-know tips on making sure your guitar is in tip-top health,
and is not sabotaging you!

Video 2:
Are you in tune…really?

Nothing you play will sound any good if your guitar is not truly in tune.
Learn to get it just right in this video.

Video 3:
Do you know HOW to practice?

Fool-proof plan for the perfect practice session
(even if you only have a few minutes to play!)

Video 4:
Are your fingers warmed up and ready to play?

Powerful (and easy!) warm-up exercise
will get your fingers in top shape to play, every time.

Video 5:
Buzzy notes? Bring in the “Tone Police”!

Simple-but-powerful DIY strategies for making your chords and notes sound their best.
No more clunkers!

Video 6:
Strumming? Fingerpicking? What’s your preference?

Master the essential fundamentals of BOTH styles, in this video.

Video 7:
Are you on the right path?

Stop wasting your time!
How to keep your guitar progress on track and moving forward.
Results guaranteed!

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