Chord Theory Magic, Just for Guitar

Learn the Mystery Behind the Magic of Chords & Keys,
and YOU will “GET” the Guitar like you Never Thought Possible!

Ready for some major guitar “AHA Moments”?
Watch this video now!

Reveals the Insider Secrets That Will Enable You to:

  • Learn to play songs on the guitar by ear
  • Figure out songs you know, but don’t have the chords or tabs to
  • Jam and improvise with friends and other musicians
  • Transpose songs from one key to another
  • Write your own songs and chord progressions
  • “Get” the guitar on a whole new level

Through listening and visualization exercises, you will learn:

  • How major chords are constructed, and why
  • How minor chords are constructed, and why
  • Which chords sound good together, and why
  • What’s a “key”, and how does it work?
  • How chords work together, within a key, to form songs
  • All SPECIFICALLY as it relates to guitar

Chord Theory Magic, Just for Guitar is offered at a
Special Introductory Price of just $79.


How does it work?

As an audio program, Chord Theory Magic travels with you on your MP3 player or CD. Because you are learning by listening, you may study Chord Theory Magic even when you do not have your guitar in hand. Listen during your commute home, then go pick up your guitar and try out what you have learned!

How do I know it’s a good product?, one of the world’s leading online guitar education mega-sites, chose to give a copy of
Chord Theory Magic, Just for Guitar to their thousands of subscribers as 2010′s premium holiday gift.
That’s a solid endorsement!

What’s included?

Chord Theory Magic, Just for Guitar is a downloadable audio program, which includes over 45 minutes of structured listening and visualization lessons in MP3 format. Also included is the Chord Theory Magic Handbook, in PDF format.

You may listen to the audio lessons on your computer, or transfer them to your MP3 player or a CD for complete portability.

You may also print out your Chord Theory Magic Handbook, a comprehensive visual guide to the most common chords and keys used in guitar music. Keep it in your guitar case for quick and easy reference.

What are people saying about it?:

  • This program has turned on the light for me and I am so very very appreciative for your teaching this Lisa. I can’t thank you enough.”
  • This was awesome. This has helped me just make everything click and now I think I finally understand what I need to make good progress with the chords and learning “Campfire” songs.”
  • “I downloaded and listened to Chord Theory Magic and have to tell you that you are a great teacher. Even as a newbie I could understand the concepts!”
  • “I have never seen it presented in a way that makes so much sense to me!”
  • “I think Chord Theory Magic will be very useful, and make figuring things out much more fun!”
  • “Lisa really explained things in a very clear and simple way. Breaking it down the way she did made it crystal clear.”
  • “Just the right amount of information. It made me want to try it all out, and then learn even more when I had that all mastered.”

Grab Chord Theory Magic, Just for Guitar
and get started today!

Chord Theory Magic, Just for Guitar is offered at a
Special Introductory Price of just $79.


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