Guitar-Ease: the Play-By-Ear System

Now YOU Can Learn to Play Songs by Ear,
Even if You Don’t Know the Chords or Have the Music!

Ever wonder how some people can just pick up a guitar and play anything they want, just by ear?
It’s almost like they know some secret language! (guitar-ese. get it?)

Now YOU too can learn these insider secrets! How does it work? Watch this sneak preview video now!

With The Guitar-Ease Play-by-Ear System, you will learn to:

  • Figure out how to play songs, just by ear

  • Write your own original songs & chord progressions

  • Jam and improvise on your own, or with friends

  • Transpose songs from one key to another – instantly!

  • Figure out how to play your favorite songs, from a recording or CD

The Guitar-Ease Play-by-Ear System

Instant Download for Immediate Access, just $79.

Start playing guitar by ear TODAY!




What are Guitar-Ease students saying about this program?

“The Guitar-Ease Play-by-Ear System has opened up a whole new ball game for me.”


“This program has turned on the light for me and I am so very very appreciative for your teaching this Lisa. I can’t thank you enough.”


“I learned more about how the chords go together in this single video than I have in all the previous years of trying to memorize which chords go together and getting very frustrated.”


“This was awesome. This has helped me just make everything click and now I think I finally understand what I need to make good progress learning to play “Campfire” songs, by ear.”


“I had taken a group beginner class where the I, IV, V theory was presented, and boy was I confused. But this makes so much sense. I understand chord progression much better, and transposing too. This was awesome.”


“I had already known some of this, but it took me years to get what she explained in less than an hour. Well presented!”

“A masterful presentation!”


“I thought the program was extremely helpful, and I learned oodles that I had not been quite able to put together before.”


“Wow, I can’t believe how simple you have made things for me. Can’t wait to try my hand out at transposing a song.”


“I have never seen it presented in a way that makes so much sense to me. Thank you!”

Named in the TOP ONLINE COURSES for PLAYING by EAR by!


The Guitar-Ease Play-by-Ear System

Instant Download for Immediate Access, just $79.

Start playing guitar by ear TODAY!

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Note: An earlier edition of this program was titled “Guitar Learner’s Magic Bullet”. You may hear reference to that original title in the audio program. Rest assured, this is the same great program, just with a brand new title.

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