Guitar Intuition Audio Ear-Training Program

Master the Ability to Instantly Identify Guitar Chords and Sequences,
Just by How They Sound!
‘Practice’ Your Guitar Virtually Anyplace Anytime,
Even With NO Guitar in Your Hands!

The Guitar Intuition Audio Ear-Training Program
is a unique Learn-by-Listening Program, specifically designed just for Guitar Players.

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What is the Guitar Intuition Program?

Guitar Intuition is an audio learning program which will:

  • Exercise the Intuitive Side of your musical brain. 
  • Nurture a deeper“gut-level” understanding of music and your guitar.


  • Engage you in a unique Left Brain musical learning experience.


  • Help you develop a holistic and natural feel for your instrument.


  • Allow you to learn and ‘practice’ anyplace, anytime, even without your guitar on hand!


Named in the TOP ONLINE COURSES for PLAYING by EAR by!


How does it work?

Designed for beginners through intermediate players,
Guitar Intuition Audio Ear-Training Program
travels with you on your MP3 player or CD.

Because you are learning by listening,
you can be “practicing” guitar virtually anywhere, anytime.

With Guitar Intuition,

you will learn to:

  • Recognize commonly played guitar chords, just by their sound.


  • Discern major chords from minor chords.


  • Analyze short chord sequences – all by ear.


How will this light a fire under your guitar playing?

With a well-trained ear, you’ll be able to:

  • Figure out how to play guitar songs from a recording, just by listening and identifying the chords you hear being played.


  • Jump into a jam session and instantly know what to play, just by listening to the other guitar players!


  • Invent new guitar songs and chord progressions in your head, even while on the move!


What’s included?

Guitar Intuition is a downloadable audio program,
with over 60 minutes of structured ear-training lessons plus Q&A, in MP3 format,
plus a 32-page Study Guide in PDF format.

Listen to the audio lessons on your computer,
or transfer them to your MP3 player or a CD for complete portability.

You’ll also get the Guitar Intuition Study Guide PDF,
with full explanations and answers to all of the exercises in the program.

How much does it cost?

Ear-training programs vary widely in price,
many running into the HUNDREDS of DOLLARS!

The Guitar Intuition Audio Ear-Training Program costs just $79.00,
less than the price of two guitar lessons with a professional instructor.

How do I get it?

Guitar Intuition is available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD, right here on this page!

As soon as you complete the purchase via PayPal or Credit Card,
you will receive an email containing a link to your download.

Download and unzip the file, and get started right away!

Get the ‘Guitar Intuition’ Audio Ear-Training Program, plus 32 page Study Guide now for just $79.00!

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